Dish Wash Liquid Gel

250 ml, 500 ml, 800 ml (Refill)


Product Features

Activate Power Molecules removes tough grease on a single use.

Long Lasting Lemon Fragrance.

Gentle and Safe on hands.

Can be used for multiple kitchen purposes.

Does not leave any white residue after wash.

Comes in a Bottle, Refill pack is also available.

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Figo Dish Wash Powerful Lemon Formula removes the tough grease and oil from the dishes.
It keeps the dishes sparkling clean and smelling fresh.
Long Lasting Lemon Fragrance.
Removes dirt and grime on various kitchen surfaces such as tiles, sink, gas stove easily.
It prevents drying of hands and leaves them feeling soft & smelling fresh.
For stubborn oil and grease, use undiluted gel directly on the scrub sponge to get the best results.

Usage Information

Disperse 3 to 4 ml of FIGO Dish Wash liquid gel in a bowl containing about 40 ml of water.
Mix well.
Dip the scrubber.
Squeeze to generate the foam.
Clean to get sparkling vessels.

Safety Information

Keep away from children.
Do not consume.
In case the product comes in contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with excessive water.
For external use only.