Figo Matic

Experience the Magic of Matic!

1000 ml

Product Features

Provides efficient dissolution.

Suitable for both Top Load & Front Load.

2x Power as compared to detergent powder.

Lint Free Washing Solution.

Pleasant long-lasting fragrance.

Contains the Power of Enzymes.

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FIGO Matic liquid detergent has the right balance of cleaning formula. It helps to gently clean all the stains and dirt during the wash cycle, and even protects the cloth fibres.
With FIGO Matic liquid detergent, you can keep all the clothes you love looking like new for longer.

Usage Information

Use 1 capful of the product for 1 load in your washing machine.
Use 1.5 cupful of the product for heavily soiled loads in your washing machine.

Safety Information

Wash your hands after use.
Keep away from children.
Do not consume.
In case the product comes in contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with excessive water.
For external use only.